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Bead Journal Project: January 2015

This year for the Bead Journal Project, I am going to be working on combining beaded crazy quilting with 3D forms.  I learned most of what I know about sculptural forms through C June Barnes's Exploring Dimensional Quilt Art. 

Two weeks ago, I posted the first part of this tutorial, which focused on making the wavy raised circle form shown above.  The first line of beaded back stitch was added before the felt circles were stitched together with edging brick stitch around the middle.  The rest, shown below was added afterwards.  

I used the bead embroidered forms of African helix and free-standing chevrons.  These stitches are taught in Bored By Back Stitch, chapter one.   

After I finished the central beading, I used embroidery floss to add beaded blanket stitch around the outsides.  In a few spots, the black second layer of felt had to be trimmed a bit as there had been some slippage.  

Bead Journal Project: January 2015

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Eileen Bergen said…
Honestly, I didn't have a clue what you might come up with when you said you were going to do 3D bead embroidery for this year's Bead Journal Project.

This is delightful! I look forward to 11 more.
Cyndi L said…
They're not going to all be quite this bizarre, Eileen! Thank you :-)
Robin said…
Super fabulous piece and tutorial, Cyndi! Your work is awesome! I agree with Eileen :)