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Making a beaded pyramid

At the beginning of each new year, I feel the need to start something new, don't you?  It's a great time for reflection and for setting goals...educational, business, artistic, whatever.  This year, I have two specific things on the brain: crazy quilting and 3D forms.  Yeah, yeah.  I know they don't seem to be related, but actually they are!

A couple of years ago, I got all excited about making a couple of 3D forms that I learned about in C June Barnes's book Exploring Dimensional Quilt Art (here's my review).  At the top of this post is a pyramid form that I made at that time.  At the last link is a tutorial for it as well, because June's book is not really a project book, but instead mostly covers the theory of how to create different forms. 

So anyway, take a look at that pyramid up there.  See how the flat planes are joined together?  I didn't decorate the planes, but if I had, wouldn't it remind you of a crazy quilt...?  Just sayin'.  This is what I'm going to work on this year, at least for the Bead Journal Project, combining 3D forms with bead embroidery.  And I must say I'm excited to get started.  I will get back around to pyramids in a few months, but first, I'm working on a raised circle form.   

Do you have plans for a new direction this year?  Wanna share?  Are you interested in getting involved in the BJP this year?  Just leave me a message!  

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Cherie Burbach said…
I love that you're combining 3D with crazy quilting. Can't wait to see what you do with it.

For the new year, I think I'm just trying to streamline my blogs and projects. Always have too many of those going on.
Eileen Bergen said…
3D quilted forms - sounds very interesting. I'll be following, Cyndi.

I chose a word for 2015: recoup.

We moved our websites last year, so I have a lot of catching up to do with my crafting.

I was sick, seeing doctors, having tests, yada yada yada ... at the same time.

So for 2015 I aim to recoup - my health and our business.
Cyndi L said…
That sounds like an excellent focus Eileen. I think a lot of us are happy to see the backside of 2014 :-)