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Book review: 2015 Crafter's Market

By Kelly Biscopink
Fons & Porter / F+W

If you haven't looked at the Crafter's Market for awhile, you'll want to look at it this year for sure.  It is packed with helpful business advice, articles written by successful people who are doing the very things that you may want to do.  [Note: I was thinking of the Artist's & Graphic Designer's Market books when I wrote this...this volume is the very first Crafter's Market!!]

Besides some general all-purpose business articles, you'll find information on finding your niche, branding strategies, developing a social media presence, selling on etsy, improving your graphic design and photos, handling wholesale and consignment shops, pricing your work, and getting published in books and magazines.

This is followed by the market listings, including industry shows, retail shows and fairs, online markets, book and magazine publishers, and crafting communities.  The communities are not primarily for sales, but are places where like-minded people can learn, network, and share resources.

Whether you want to sell your wares to make a living or to simply keep yourself in supplies, The 2015 Crafter's Market will help you start the new year right.

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