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Jen's Findings

A post by Jen, of Jen's Findings

I am the mother of four girls and have been married to my husband John for fifteen years. We actually met in a local bead store he used to own in the 1990s. I have been beading since I was a teen, but now I am mainly making necklaces and bracelets in my spare time (which is not often enough for me!). My fourteen-year-old has been making and selling jewelry for a couple of years. It's a hobby for her, but she has also learned some responsibility and earns extra spending money.

Here is something she made a few months back.  She has a tutorial on our blog.

I think my nine-year-old also has a terrific eye; she made this necklace last year.

As far as the products that we carry in our store, people seem to really like some of our more novelty clasps, such as the heart clasp, the dolphin clasp, or the multi-strand flower clasps. The dolphin clasp is shown at the top of this post.