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Boot toppers to crochet

I had some small quantities of yarn left over from some other projects, and decided to figure out how to make some super-simple boot toppers with them.  I wear them tucked into the tops of my boots to keep the cold air out.  I love them with leggings the best, since they keep that little band of uncovered skin warm!

Wouldn't these be great with beads?  I didn't think of it until after I'd made them, and my suggestions, should you chose to heed my warning, is to only add beads to the top few rows!

Here's how I made mine...your stitch counts will vary depending upon how loose you like them and how wide your calf or ankle is. They'd be good cankle covers too :-)

Using a medium sized crochet hook (size H), I chained 40, did 40 single crochet, and joined the ring.
4 rounds of half-double crochet.

1 round of single crochet, reducing one stitch every 5th stitch.

Attach the yarn to the other edge and single crochet around, reducing one stitch every 5th stitch.

So so so easy!

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Eileen Bergen said…
I'm very happy that I don't need those here in Mexico, but they're pretty neat. I was going to add, "Easy for you, deefeecult for me," but then I learned that the Sr. Wences phrase was actually, "Deefeecult For You-Easy For Me."
Cyndi L said…
LOL!!! How I wish I didn't need them...but I'd want them anyway :-)