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LBS: Just Because Bead Boutique

Joyce wrote about her favorite local bead store:

My favorite bead store is Just Because Bead Boutique in Temple Tx. It starts when you walk through the door, you feel the creative and friendly atmosphere. The employees make you feel like you've come home to your jewelry making family and they are excited to see you. Most of their classes are free and you just pay for the supplies you need to create the project. There is always an instructor at the store in case you have questions or need help figuring out how to make something.

If they don't have what you need they special order it for you and a few extra, because if you need it then someone else might also need it. It could be a special tool or special bead, it doesn't matter. They tell you it's a special place to leave the stress from the day outside and have time for yourself.

If you want to spend the day there with friends making jewelry there is always an available space for you. Special jewelry making groups meet there after hours like the America Needlework Guild and Rick's Loomatiks. This place is not like any other bead store I've ever been to and I love it.

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Shai Williams said…
I wish that our local bead shop was more like that. I don't really care for it because I feel that I need to get dressed up to run there to pick something up because all of the employees look like fashion models. Also their prices are way high. They have some great classes but they can be pricey too. I just can't afford them. To give you an idea, for sterling, their prices run between $6 to $8 higher then Rio Grande.