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Book review: Jewelry Making 1-2-3

Are you a beginner?  Are you sick of beginner projects that all look alike?  You are definitely gonna want this book, or you're gonna want to get it for someone you love who is a beginner.  Karin Van Voorhees has designed the projects and written Jewelry Making 1-2-3, and I am so so thankful that there is a designer who specializes in beautiful and interesting projects that will allow you to practice the basics.  Here we go...

In part one, Karin teaches six basic skills, each followed by projects that will help you practice the skills in a FUN and beautiful way.  She covers jump rings, plain loops, wrapped loops, top-drilled loops, crimps, and knots.  There are no sources given for the materials used, but all items are commonly available through online jewelry making catalogs and at stores such as Michaels.

In parts two and three, Karin covers more design-oriented skills, such as using spacers and beadcaps, creating multistrand pieces, choosing between symmetry and asymmetry, designing with brights and neutrals, and swapping out different findings (like clasps) for different design looks.

Each of the basic and design skills is covered with a brief but clear series of photos and instructions, and is then followed by three or more beautiful projects.  I just can't think of any better way to introduce these skills than to end up with pretty pieces to wear when you're done.  Great job, Karin!

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Thanks for this review! You really understand what I want to offer to beginners -- great, achievable projects!
Cyndi L said…
Thanks for visiting, Karin! I was thrilled with your book and am going to be giving some out to friends this year :-)