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Right angle weave earrings

I've found another way to recharge my batteries when I'm in between major projects!  Last week, I told you about just letting my fingers work on some weaving without having a real goal in mind, which resulted in a tube of Cellini spiral.  Well, I still didn't have a plan, so I went looking for another quick and easy little something-or-other to make.

I settled on a necklace that I made several years ago, but decided to use the pattern to make some earrings.  No, they don't match the original necklace, but they will go with a lot of things I'm currently wearing.  The instructions can be found here at the Beaded Lily Necklace tutorial.

I made three right angle weave units, as explained in the tutorial, topping them with Swarovski crystal chaton montees (ss16 to ss18).  The ear wires I made are longer than usual: I used 3 inch lengths of wire instead of my customary 2 to 2 1/2, simply because my hair is longer now, and I like a bit more length.  To make the ear wires, turn a small loop at the bottom, and use a pen to loop both wires up and over.  Do them both at the same time and you'll keep them identical.  Use chain nose or flat nose pliers to turn the ends up, clip them off even, and file them smooth.

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Very pretty and dangle-y. I don't think I can wear earrings that long, so thanks for the instructions for the ear wires.