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Blue rainbow - a bead embroidery and wirework tutorial for beginners - part two

You will find part one of this tutorial, where we make the bead embroidered components, at the link. Today, we're going to look at putting them together into a necklace with some basic wirework.

I like to make my necklaces adjustable so that I can wear them with as many different necklines as possible. These instructions will make a necklace that adjusts from 18 to 22 inches. Add or subtract chain to make yours the length you desire.

8.  Cut 15" of 22 gauge wire into 6 pieces, each 2 1/2". Turn a simple loop at the bottom of each piece, add a daisy spacer and approximately 12 small beads, top with a 2mm sterling silver round, and turn another simple loop at the top. Place a 6mm Swarovski bicone on each of 6 headpins. Top each with a 2mm sterling silver round, and make a wrapped loop around the bottom loop of each piece you just created.

9.  Cut the 6" length of chain into 6 equal pieces. Cut 21" of 22 gauge sterling silver wire into 7 pieces, each 3". Slide each piece of wire through a bead hole, easing it gently through your peyote stitched bezel. Place a 2mm sterling silver round on each end of the wire and create a wrapped loop around a length of chain. Using the 7 beads and 6 lengths of chain, wire them all together.

10.  Hang one dangle onto the middle of each of the 6 short chain lengths.

11.  Cut the larger chain into a 4" and a 5" piece. At each end of the beaded links, attach one of the pieces of chain to the last wrapped loop with a sturdy jump ring. Attach the hook to the shorter chain length, and add a dangle to the longer one by slipping the remaining Swarovski bicone, daisy spacer, and 2mm round onto a head pin. Add another bead or two if desired, and create a wrapped loop around the free end of the chain.

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