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Dutch spiral earrings

Last week, I showed you how to stitch up a Dutch spiral tube.  If you stitch a short length with a slight increase in accent bead size in the middle, and a decrease on each end, you get something that looks like the beaded beads shown above...perfect for earrings!

Here's how I rigged them up:

Materials & Tools

2 beaded beads (Dutch spiral or other)
2 ear wires
2 head pins
2 lengths of wire, 3 - 4" each
4 small crystals or rounds (3 or 4mm)
2 large crystals or rounds (5 or 6mm)
Chain nose pliers
Round nose pliers
Wire cutters
Small file

1. Place large crystals on head pins and turn a wrapped loop.

2. Turn a wrapped loop at one end of each length of wire.

3. Thread the wire through a beaded bead, sandwiched between two of the smaller crystals.

4. Attach dangling crystal with a turned loop.  Open the earring wire's loop and attach to the top of the earring.

Here is another pair, the ones I showed you last week.  They are slightly smaller than this pair.  You can make them as long (and as fat!) as you want.

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They're lovely, Cyndi. I'm surprised at how simple the directions sound. Thanks for the tutorial.