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My menagerie of beaded spark plugs!

RAW + Peyote beaded spark plug
Where to even begin?  Ok, we'll have to start with my recent obsession with the shape of spark plugs and my love of old grungy things.  

Once these grungy things are cleaned up (with the help of a stiff brass brush and some Dawn dish detergent), they are all set to become eye-catching jewelry.  Here are beaded examples of the results from my 6 months (and counting) obsession.  If you are familiar with the stitches, you can probably easily figure out how to stitch these yourself.  If you want tutorials, let me know which ones interest you the most.  Leave a comment, or email me directly at beadingarts at gmail dot com.

Next week I'll show you examples of the wired spark plugs I'm doing now.  Harley Davidson spark plugs, baby!

Albion stitch

Cellini spiral stitch

Peyote stitched cube

Peyote stitch
Wired spark plugs for sale

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Tammy said…
These are so fun and unique. It's nice to see jewelry that works so well for either gender too.
I clicked over from your albion stitch spark plug post. The spark plug menagerie is just delightful and menagerie is a great choice of word for this unusual collection.
Cyndi L said…
Thank you, Eileen! I had no idea what else to call the collection :-)