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How well do you know your turquoise?

Is this turquoise???
Answer below...

Turquoise, especially imitation turquoise, is one of the materials most often mis-labled.  If you buy from a reputable dealer at a show or from a catalog company with a good reputation, you've got less to worry about.  But be aware that imitation turquoise, at a few dollars per strand, is sometimes passed off as Sleeping Beauty turquoise, which is over a hundred dollars per strand!

There is nothing wrong with using imitation turquoise in your work.  It is often beautiful, and should be considerably less expensive.  Just don't get taken by unscrupulous dealers on eBay or at shows...know your materials!

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise

Imitation Turquoise
Imitation Turquoise with Matrix

Mosaic Turquoise

Dyed Howlite

Dyed Magnesite

African "Turquoise"

Czech glass


Robbie said…
I always feel like I've been to a class when I read your posts!! I learn something new each time! Thanks for that!
Cyndi L said…
That's so funny! I usually do these posts because it's something I want to learn :-)
Mr Beautiful said…
Thanks for sharing!