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Golden Harvest - a beaded neckalce tutorial

Golden Harvest

There's lots of swing and movement in Golden Harvest! Brass chain, beads, and findings set off the golds, ambers, and greens of this Fall-inspired piece. The original necklace, shown here, uses my own handmade lampwork glass beads, but I you can use horn beads instead.  I particularly like how Golden Harvest blends with the Pantone Fall 2017 colors Autumn Maple and Golden Lime.



Lampwork beads...substitute horn beads
Rootbeer seed beads, size 6/0
Horn rings, 25mm
Green MOP leaves
Yellow MOP leaves
Brass rounds, 3mm
Brass rondelles, 7mm

Metal components
Gold-colored head pins
Gold jump rings, 7mm
Gold jump rings, 4mm
Medium weight bead wire, bronze
Crimp tubes, size #2
Small brass chain
Medium brass chain
Toggle + clasp

Wire cutters
Chain nose pliers
Round nose pliers

1. Start from the center middle.  Using a short length of beading wire, make a loop with seed beads and brass rounds, taking the ends through one seed bead in opposite directions.  Add a few more beads to each end and set aside.

2. Use four head pins to create two links from two horn rings.  Thread them through the rings from the inside out, and turn a wrapped loop on each end. 

3. Use crimps to attach the center piece from step 1 to the horn links.

4. Cut six lengths of chain in staggered lengths, and attach three to of the horn rings, first to a 4mm jump ring and then to a 7mm jump ring. 

5. Use a head pin to attach a central large bead with a few smaller accent beads to the middle of the loop in the center.  At the bottom of the loop, use a 4mm jump ring to attach a small length of chain, decorated with MOP leaves and brass rounds.  Use head pins to form wrapped loops around the chain links.     

6. Attach beading wire to the outer wrapped loops of the horn rings and string on 4 to 5" of beads, including large and small accent beads, brass rounds, and brass rondelles.  I added another dangle a few inches up using a couple of head pins. 

7. At the end of the beading wire, crimp it around a length of chain.  To one side, add a toggle, and to the other side, add a toggle bar.

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