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Red jasper is perfect for this season!


I love the Fall 2017 Pantone palette!  One of the things I like best about it is the versatility of the colors mixed together in designs.  When you're making or choosing jewelry to wear with the Fall colors, it doesn't have to match fact it's probably better if it doesn't.  But the jewelry does need to look harmonious, and that's how I ended up falling in love with Red Jasper!


I found a tutorial that I shared last year (shown at the top), which uses a combo of red jasper and seed beads that look great with all the colors I see in the stores right now.  Anyway, I thought that some of you might want to give this a whirl, because it's a quick project, and it teaches a very important bead embroidery skill...what to do with squared corners on your cabochons.

Not all the materials that I used are available exactly anymore, but I've provided links to some that are similar.  If you don't want to tackle a square cabochon, you could also pick an oval or round, especially if this is your first bead embroidery project.  So, with no further blathering by me, here are the links to my Red Jasper pendant tutorial:

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