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Mixed metals and bead necklace - a tutorial

I wore a necklace a couple of days ago that I had forgotten I even had!  It looked amazing with the Fall colors that I was wearing, and it occurred to me that with the mix of metals and the neutral palette, it would be great with all the Fall 2017 Pantone colors.  And another thing...the multiple strand effect at the bottom is exactly what you're seeing right now in a lot of fashionable necklaces.  You might even want to make it just a bit longer by adding several more links of chain at the top, but that is up to you!

The only problem I ran into in updating this necklace tutorial is that the original beads are no longer available, but I found lots of really nice replacements.  Two collections that really caught my eye were the 40 piece white (including ivory and tan) and the 40 piece gray collections from Jesse James Beads:

Go take a look at the tutorial, and pick the colors for yourself!  The ivories and grays are really versatile, but wouldn't this necklace look great in a bright accent color too?

Interesting chain

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Robbie said…
Now this is a wow piece! Just went to your link/tutorial...I don't do much jewelry (other than beading on loom). Would love to try this..maybe in the gold beads you show in this post!!! Another bookmark for my folder! HA
Cyndi L said…
Robbie, it's such a fun piece...both to make and to wear! Even if you don't make a lot of jewelry, the neutral tones in this one makes it soooo versatile :-)