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Hanging the Moon - a beading tutorial

Hanging the Moon

As I was looking at some of my older pieces, Hanging the Moon jumped out at me as being a great match for the Fall 2017 Pantone color called Shaded Spruce!  Some of the original pieces are no longer available, which is a real shame, but I think you'll be able to find a selection of blues and greens that blend well with the new Shaded Spruce color.


2 lengths of bronze beading wire, 24 inches each
4 - 5 inches of gold-toned chain
Gold hook
18 bicones, 6mm
Square ring, 20x20mm
Square ring, 14x14mm
Round ring, 14mm
Triangle ring, 14mm 

6 cubes, 8mm

Star charm
Moon charm
Size 11/0 Delica seed beads, rainbow blue-green
Nymo beading thread, black
8 jump rings, 9 mm
3 jump rings, 7 mm
11 jump rings, 4 mm
11 head pins

28 crimps, size #1
2 crimps, size #2

Chain nose pliers
Round nose pliers
Wire cutters

Beading needles
Tape measure

1. Arrange charms and crystal components in the order you'd like them to hang. Use the largest jump rings to attach chain to the components, and the medium sized ones to hang the charms.

2. Create wrapped loops for each bicone you'll hang, using the head pins.

3. Attach bicones to the chain using the small jump rings.

4. Make a square stitch bail or any other style you want using the Delica beads. The pattern I followed for this bail was created by my friend Dulcey Heller, and was published in Bead & Button, December 2007.

5. String each piece of beading wire through two of the beads at the top of the bail. Use size #1 crimps to anchor the pendant and each of the cubes and bicones that you string on the wires. I used three of each shape on each side of the pendant.

6. Using size #2 crimp beads, attach a short length of chain and the hook to the ends of the beading wires. Add a bicone dangle to the loose end of the chain.

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