Monday, May 02, 2011

Mixed metals and resin necklace

Don't you love to buy beads when they're on sale?  Even if I don't have any idea what I want to do with them, when my beady little eyes see them, I sometimes pounce. 

And then I wait. 

I'm glad I pounced and waited this time.  It took another sales purchase before this necklace came together, but I'm really happy with it.  First, I went to Joann's Fabric to look for plain muslin, and I came home with that plus a really neat frog-style closure like you'd use on a sweater that had been sitting all lonely in a clearance bin.  And then there was the steel wire...

Yay!  Now the beads have a home!

Materials and Tools

16 mm resin crackle beads from Rings&Things
Brass wire and small round beads from Vintaj
Gunmetal-colored clasp
2 lengths of interesting chain, steel, copper and/or brass, one at least 2 ft
Jump rings

Chain nose and round nose pliers
Wire cutters
Small file
Measuring tape

1. Make two beaded chains by turning wrapped loops, using the resin beads, small round brass beads, and brass wire.  Use the file to smooth any sharp ends.

2. Fold a 2 ft length of interesting chain into thirds, but not necessarily even thirds.  Use a jump ring at each end to gather them up.  Attach the chain ends to the beaded chains using the same jump rings.

3. Attach the other ends of the beaded chains to short lengths of a second style of chain (copper-colored).  Attach the other ends of the chains to the clasp halves.


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Mandy said...

That looks great Cyndi! I'm glad you said that about buying beads on sale, I've started doing that and was afraid I was developing beading OCD issue!

Cyndi L said...

Now Mandy, seriously, who ever said there was anything wrong with beading OCD? ;-)

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