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Wire artist: Meg's Crochet Jewels

Artist: Meghan
Etsy shop: Meg's Crochet Jewels

My name is Meghan. I make crochet jewelry and one of my favorite mediums to work with is wire. It creates a very unique and beautiful piece of art.

I have been crocheting all of my life and the switch from yarn to wire and beads was an easy one for me. I actually didn't know that others were doing it too until after I started doing some research on crochet jewelry and even found a few books on it.

I design all of my pieces and am constantly coming up with new ideas and plans. Its so fun discovering the possibilities of what you can create with wire and a crochet hook.

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WindyRiver said…
Lovely work - love the colorful bracelet; it's perfect for summer!
Anindita Basu said…
Meg, you create beautiful jewelry. I went to your etsy shop and was feeling like a child in a candy store.

I love to do knitted wire jewelry. So it was really fun seeing your stuff. Dita
I love your work... IT is beautiful... but that bracelet ROCKS!
Thank you all for your wonderful comments:) You've got me blushing:)