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Black Sparkle Ring: a wire wrapping project

A guest tutorial by Beads Direct

To make this sensational Black Sparkle Ring, you will need
Silver plated beading wire, 0.5mm (W38)
Aluminum silver beading wire, 2mm (W203)
Czech 8mm glass beads ,hematite (BG529)
Czech 8mm glass beads ,jet (BG407)
Crystal glass heart beads , black (BG1289)
Crystal glass twisted coin beads , smoky (BG1262)

In three easy steps...

STEP 1 Wrap your aluminum wire 3 times around your chosen ring shaper (you can use anything tubular that is the right size for your finger) leaving an end of approx. 3cm at one end, and the coiled wire at the other. Wrap the end of wire around 2-3 times to hold everything together. Snip off any excess wire if necessary.

STEP 2 Snip around 10cm of silver wire and thread on a bead. Holding the bead close to the wire ring base, wrap each end of silver wire around the base. Position the bead where you would like it on the ring, and then start to wrap the thick wire around it.

STEP 3 After a few wraps, add another bead and wrap the wire around this bead and the one you added before. Keep adding beads and wrapping in this way. You can stop after just a few beads if you’d like a simple ring. When you’re happy with the size of your ring, post the end of the wire through the middle of the ring and pull it out through a gap in the beads and snip off any excess wire.

 The same ring with different colors!

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