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Wire artist: Gia Scarano

Artist: Gia Scarano
Website: Earth Art Fire

Earth Art Fire is the creation of Gia Scarano, who currently lives in Oakland, California. Her style of wirework is the result of traveling, meeting great teachers, and the independent study of ancient traditions from all over the world.

Since graduating Boston University in 2003 with a degree in anthropology, she spent most of her time between Hawaii and South America farming and making art. The influence of two years learning in South America is evident in her style of wirework, as is the heartsong of four years of Pele's influence. Manning a chipper shredder, hauling fertilizer and moving boulders of lava by day, going to yoga, and twisting sterling silver with other metals to elegantly frame gems and crystals by night, she passed her time gathering strength living off the grid before heeding the call to California.

Earth Art Fire Jewelry can be found in the Bay at Yeah Baby in Fairfax, Gioia in San Anselmo, Pkok on Hight St SF, Siamese Dream on College Ave in Berkeley, and the Rock Paper Scissors Collective in Oakland. Gia can be found hosting seed sowing workshops and participating in community building events all over the Bay. She puts a loving, healing intention in each piece, and welcomes custom work if you already have a crystal or design in mind. May we all be empowered to create that which brings the most joy and peace. Namaste.

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Anonymous said…
Thank you for introducing Gia Scarano, her work is stunning!
Take care.
OMGosh! It's hard to believe all those beautiful spirals were done by hand.
Zander said…