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Bead embroidery by Stacey Dowhower Gibson

Stacey's version of SunShower!

I received an email last Saturday which made me feel that the entire journey of writing my e-book, Every Bead Has a Story, has been worth it!

Wow. Just wow. How cool is it that Stacey took the basic pattern and ran with it like that, adding all the extra special touches that make it uniquely hers?  And can you believe that this is her first bead embroidery project ever?  Stacey doesn't have a website with her beadwork on it (yet!), but she sent me some more information on herself and the things she likes to make:

I have a lot of pics of the kind of stuff I like to do in my facebook albums, it's under 'Stacey Dowhower Gibson.' I enjoy crafts of every kind, and have tried a little bit of just about everything, but my top three are beads, polymer clay and styrofoam sculpting. I was a big fan of the Carol Duvall show and miss it horribly! I am teaching myself to bead, and most of the things I have done have been patterns or variations thereof, I am just getting confident enough to start trying to design my own pieces. It's been difficult to find things on bead embroidery, and I was so thankful to come across your ebooks. I seem to favor art projects that combine one or more techniques, and am thinking of getting my polymer clay back out to make more fancy cabochons for my bead embroidery! :D

As far as beading, it was mostly to make little gifts for family and friends... then my aunt started a Native American Education program and asked me to teach little projects for them. It's open to everyone, and we have a new project every 1-2 weeks. I enjoy that immensely, because I like to see people get so delighted as their projects start taking shape, and love when they tell me they thought they would never be able to do anything like that and here they are with sparkly little works of art that they did themselves. That is so rewarding!

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Anonymous said…
Wow that is amazing! Beautiful piece and beautiful book!
Dee said…
stunning...and first?? she's a natural!!