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Fall scarves...because I live in New England!

I was kind of sad when I had to put away my yarn for the summer.  Not only do I really love crocheting, but I also really really hate the heat!  Thanks to climate change, even New England is beginning to experience summers that are almost unbearable.

But finally autumn is here!  Yay!!  I don't need to be wearing scarves quite yet, but it is a lot of fun to be able to pick up where I left off last spring and get my fingers moving again!

Shown above is a wave pattern scarf, stitched crosswise.  You might remember that I made a bunch of them last spring, and mostly showed them in the lengthwise stitching pattern.  I want to give credit to Cori Dodds, who designed the first wave pattern scarf I saw.  She's the one who set me off on this adventure!

Instructions for Wave Stitch

Other examples, crocheted lengthwise and as infinity scarves

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Robbie said…
Colors are is the pattern! I too don't like the heat to knit hands sweat and it's just no we're in fall, here in Michigan, so it's knitting at night while TV is on! Works for me!
Cyndi L said…
exACTly! Who wants a warm pile of something sitting on their lap in the summer heat? :D