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Piano keys! Russian leaf pattern by Rita Sova

Are you familiar with Rita Sova's wonderful bead patterns?  I've come across Rita's designs many times before, but this time I fell hook, line, and sinker!  Since my recent foray into stitching Russian leaves in all kinds of patterns and colors, my eye has just naturally homed in on any new ones that I see as I'm scrolling through Pinterest. 

Well...there was this wonderful piano keys pattern, but without any credits or a link!!!!  Thanks to the magic of google and the Lightshot app, I was finally able to track it down to Rita.  So, here is my rendition of piano keys earrings.  You can get the tutorial at the link above for just a few dollars.  Enjoy!

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Robbie said… this pattern!!!! How many have you made! HA Bet they could be addictive!
Cyndi L said…
Addictive...yeah, big time! I've only made one pair of the piano keys earrings, but so so so many others :-)