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Rope necklace wrap-up!

Because my summer was busy beyond belief, I decided to make rope necklaces.  Pick 'em up and work for a few minutes, put 'em back down and walk away.  As long as you have the current pattern firmly in mind, and a way to keep yourself and your beads organized, it's a wonderful way to be able to feel productive.  And as you can see, I actually was productive!!

I'm working on another rope right now, but it's a repeat, so it doesn't really count.  There are several more rope stitches that I want to explore before this is over, so as I tackle them, I'll post about them and also add them here.  This page will be linked in the Tutorials bar up above so that you can always easily find it without having to bookmark it. 

Russian spiral rope

Embellished peyote rope

Twisted herringbone rope

Chenille stitch rope

Pearl spiral rope

Indespiral rope

Ruffled peyote rope

Embellished right angle weave rope

Viking's double rope

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Robbie said…
So many rope patterns! Who knew!!! Love the color of your rope necklace!!!