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Making a knotted turquoise necklace

Here are the items I used to make Breezy. You can vary the ingredients to your heart’s content!

3 pieces of teal green cord, 60″ each
3 pieces of teal green cord, 12″ each
6 turquoise ovals, 12×18mm
9 turquoise rondelles, 13mm
12 turquoise rondelles, 7mm
9 turquoise rounds, 4mm
Bronze 8/0 seed beads
Antiqued copper bail tube with loop
Antiqued copper 3-holed end bar and clasp set with chain

Tape measure
Fray check
GS Hypo-tube cement

1. Use fray check on all the ends of your cord pieces. Fold the 3 long strands in half and attach each one to one side of the clasp set, using a lark’s head knot.

2. Knot the beads in place, criss-crossing strands occasionally. Use two strands to attach each large rondelle, lacing strands through the hole from the opposite sides. Add the tube bail in the middle and continue knotting up the other side.

3. Knot the loose ends by pairs around the loops in the other half of the clasp set.

4. Fold the three short strands in half and create a lark’s head knot around the bail loop. Add beads to the ends and knot in place.

5. Glue all end knots and trim the ends.

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Dee said…
Absolutely stunning, I never would have thought of knotting torquoise necklace.

I have different shapes of torquoise beasd which means that I will definitely be making this necklace to wear to christmas/new year parties. Here is hoping none of my friends take it off my neck!

Thanks for the tutorial.
Cyndi L said…
Ooooo, Dee...please share a picture of it! I can't wait to see what you make :-)