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Book review: Seed Bead Fusion

Seed Bead Fusion
by Rachel Nelson-Smith

Rachel Nelson-Smith
has decided not to be bound by the usual rules about beading. Instead of starting with one stitch and sticking with it, she invites us to mix them up. The results are 18 projects of stunning beauty. Rachel likes to add bumps, waves, ruffles, and other textures to her work, which takes each of these projects from merely nice to amazing. She also likes to showcase several different color schemes, so that you'll never feel hemmed in by just one choice.

The highlight of this book for me is that I can heartily recommend it to readers who are only a bit better than beginners. As complicated as the projects appear, they are all based upon a few very basic stitches and wirework, all of which are profiled in the techniques section. Even if you've only started beading recently, if you are willing to practice the basics, you'll be able to follow along with Rachel's instructions. There are very clear illustrations and photos to take you through each and every step.

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