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CopprClay ammonite pendant - part two

Using the CopprClay pendant that we made last week, I want to show you what I ended up doing with it. It was tempting to simply hang it from a plain black cord, but I wanted a bit more shine and contrast. And something a bit more interesting too!

Materials and Tools:

Large jump ring
Sliding tube bail
2 pieces of beading wire, 24 in each
22 assorted beads
40 size 1 crimp tubes
4 size 3 crimp tubes
Toggle and bar set

(Sources: Vintaj, Auntie's Beads, SoftFlex)

1. Attach a sliding bail to the pendant with a large raw brass jump ring.

2. Center the two pieces of SoftFlex wire through the bail, and use the size 1 crimp tubes to space the assorted beads along the length of each. Leave several inches free at the end of each wire.

3. Slide a size 3 crimp, a large holed bead, and a second large holed crimp onto both wires at each end. Take the wires through half of the toggle set and back down through the first large crimp and the bead. Flatten the crimp closest to the toggle, clip the ends close to the bead, and flatten the second crimp in each set.

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