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Artist profile: Geneviève Crabe

Artist: Geneviève Crabe
Business name: Amaryllis Creations
Location: St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada

Websites & Blogs:
Amaryllis Creations
Amaryllis Creations etsy shop
Crafters' Internet
Geneviève Crabe blog

I would describe my work as bold, colourful, eclectic wearable art. I get my inspiration from everything from flowers to architecture; everywhere I look, I see shapes, patterns, and colours to incorporate in my work. I enjoy learning new things so I read books and take classes in a variety of subjects including painting, beading, bead embroidery, polymer clay, and mixed media. I enjoy the cross-pollination that happens, and I like to incorporate a variety of components in my work: hand-painted wood, pen & ink, glass, beads, fibers, Kumihimo braids, etc.

My mother was an artist, and I have been surrounded by arts and crafts my whole life. While I enjoyed artistic pursuits in my spare time, after a 30-year career in hi-tech, I now enjoy being a full-time artist. An important part of my artistic life involves networking with other artists. I belong to three local art guilds, and I attend as many bead shows and decorative painting conventions as I can. I find that just being around other artists, whatever their medium, is very inspirational. I also enjoy teaching, which is often a learning experience for me, and more recently creating and selling kits and handmade jewelry.

I also like sharing my knowledge through writing and I have two published books under my belt. In 2001, I combined my computer and crafting skills in a book titled Crafters’ Internet Handbook: Research, Connect, and Sell your Crafts Online. I am now working on The Crafters’ Internet 2.0, a blog dedicated to informing crafters about resources available to them online.

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