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Wanna be Facebook friends?



I've been on Facebook for a good long time now just under my name, Cyndi Lavin.  Recently, I added a business page to Facebook too, called Beading Arts to follow just the highlights of this blog, the artist profiles and the tutorials.  My personal profile is, well, personal!  So if you don't want to learn about my family and friends as well as my work, don't sign up to be my friend ;-)

If you do want to be my friend, come on in...the water is fine!  I'm also ashamed to admit that I've joined Twitter.   I'll warn you that my tweets cover mixed media art and jewelry, and also cooking (which I also write about).  They usually don't cover what I had for breakfast or how many loads of laundry I did...

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risa said…
Sure I'll be your can find me on FB and twitter under createdbyrisa!
How nice. I just sent you a friend request.

Is there a Facebook for Dummies book? I really need to get up to speed on this social networking thing!
Cyndi L said…
Gotcha both!

Eileen, there probably is! But here's a link to a couple of helpful articles that have kept me from wasting too much time:
I am so gonna have to eventually do the whole facebook and twitter thing! I hope you get lots of friends Cindy...I'd be right there if I had them!