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Lizard barrettes

Here is a totally silly little project for you to do, maybe with one of the little girls in your life! When Mike came back from a conference with a couple of little lizards in his bag (I have no idea why lizards were being given out at a data fusion conference!), he happily relinquished them to me.

I decided they'd look cute in my hair. And after I grow up a bit, I'll probably give them to some of the young girls I know!

Here's all you need: a barrette, a lizard, some wire, and wire cutters.

Wire the lizard onto the barrette, tucking the ends of the wire in between the lizard and the top of the barrette so that it doesn't snag your hair. Try to pick wire that either matches the lizard or that contrasts enough to look funny. Add beads if desired. Personally, I couldn't be bothered!

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Jeannie said…
Too Funny!

Most of the little girls I know would probably be grossed out by them. But what do they know? Youth is wasted on the young.
Cyndi L said…
REALLY?? lol!! All the little girls I know are into creepy crawlies. I suppose you could use a plastic butterfly instead ;-)