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Making a crocheted wire necklace

Making a necklace like Moonstone Rainbow is very similar to the instructions previously given for making Blue Bells. I strung moonstone chips onto 28 gauge wire and crocheted a chain that ended up being folded into thirds. Most of the technique is outlined in the tutorial for Blue Bells, and I suggest reading it now if you haven't already!

1. Using 20 gauge wire, twist around the ends of the crocheted sections to keep them together, and take the wire through a large bead on each side. Create a wrapped loop.

2. Crimp a piece of beading wire like SoftFlex to each wrapped loop. Add beads for a strand that's as long as you desire on each side.

3. Crimp one beading wire strand to a hook, and the other to the end of a length of chain. Make a dangle on a headpin, and attach it with a wrapped loop around the free end of the chain. Easy peasy, huh?

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Unknown said…
Very cool design! May I post it on the SoftFlexGirl blog? I'd like to share!

Cyndi L said…
Sure problem :-)
Cindy Gimbrone said…
Hi Cyndi,

The crocheted rope shows off the moonstone very well! I love the simplicity of the design and the result is so elegant!

Thanks for sharing!
Claire said…
I am just starting to try bead crochet. What size hook are you calling LARGE?
Cyndi L said…
Whatever size you want, really, but I used a G or an H for this. You can easily go larger if you want.