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Question of the month: What designers or artists have had the most influence on you?

I always wonder about what artists other jewelry makers find to be inspiring.  Although I am inspired by the work of dozens of other jewelry artists, I try not to copy their style.  One of the best ways for me to avoid that is to fill my head with the beautiful and challenging works of art of people who work in different media!  So I ask you: What designers or artists have had the most influence on you? 

You're welcome to point to the jewelry artists that you love, if you like, but please feel free to share with us about artists who don't work with beads or other typical jewelry making materials!  You can leave your comment here, or email me at cyndi @ (remove the spaces) if you'd like to share a piece of your work that is a good example of being inspired by another.

My favorite brain break is to visit art museums of any type!  Like many people, I find painters to be extremely inspiring, and I've used several pieces over the years to inspire the shapes, colors, or design of a piece of jewelry.  Here's an example:

Inspired by Monet's paintings of the gardens

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This is a great question. Lots of people are going to mention all the "stars". Of course they influence us on an "artist" level. But my biggest influences have come from those I have met on the internet and have a personal cyber relationship with.

Susan Elliot
who I met through the BJP and have become blog friends with. Her inspiration is her amazing talent in so many different areas from beading to CQ to being just the best aunt in the world (not mine) ~lol~ If you have never visited her blog, go and enjoy yourself.

Christina is also a good cyber friend who is reaking with beading talent and never too busy to help with a question or just say hi.
You may know her:

There are many more, but I must also mention one last inspiration.
Sheree promotes her art. But her inspiration for me is the way she turns pictures of her everyday life into a fairy tale that intriques and pulls you in and, if just for a moment, takes you to another place of serenity and entertainment. Another place you will not be sorry you visited.

Course, you can always visit me too...I like to inspire..if not art..a positive attitude to make your dreams come true.

Have a great day.
Cyndi L said…
Glad you mentioned "real" people, Carol! Not that great artists of the past aren't real, but you are right about the encouragement we can receive from the ones we know, either IRL or in cyberworld :-)