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A month of holiday tutorials!

Interspersed with everything else we do here, I thought it would be a good idea to really devote ourselves to potential gift-making tutorials for this month.  We'll start with what we've already got...

Just because these ideas are a couple years old doesn't mean they aren't still good! If you're looking for quick and easy, I just might have a link to a good project for you here :-) These are not all necessarily holiday-themed pieces, just pieces that I think you'll like to share.

Champagne bubbles necklace

Leaf earrings

Bubble earrings

Cherry donut necklace

Pearl-dangle pendant

Stamped resin pendant necklace

Optical lens pendant

Hanging the Moon necklace

Fishing for Trout necklace

Beaded bauble necklace

Wired up beach rock

Textured polymer clay pendant

The simplest pendant necklace

Lots more ideas can be found in our Tutorials posts. Some of these projects are fast and easy, some take more time, but there is plenty there to get you going!

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Thank you, Cyndi! I see lots that I need to look more closely at. Let's see, how many beading days left until Christmas?
Cyndi L said…
18 more, Eileen! Time to get busy :-)
Cherie said…
I just bookmarked this page! Love this idea and those Christmas tree pins are awesome. Wonder if I can still whip some up?
Love them all! Your tutorials are always amazing Cyndi... I really appreciate your generosity in sharing them with all of us!
Cyndi L said…
Cherie, of course you can! June, it's not so much that I'm generous as that I'm bossy ;-)