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Plans for the new year?

Like all good goal-setting fanatics, I look forward to each new year with a palpitating heart: will this be the year that I finally get it right?   Probably not, but I keep trying!  I've mentioned before that I set and re-set goals on January 1, May 1, and September 1, but obviously January 1 is my favorite :-)

I like to start by re-visiting the major goals from last year.  There were four big ones that I started off with, and I'm happy to say that all of them were addressed in one form or another:

1. Take another class this year in something… anything.  Took an online class with Sharon Boggon

2. Get a light tent or light box and learn to make my photography better.  DH made me a tent and I've been working on getting clearer brighter pictures

3. Work on a book proposal.  Decided to self-publish my book as an e-book, one chapter at a time

4. Schedule a better balance between making and writing.  I think I'm doing much better at this, spending approximately half a day on each

I've been mulling over goals for 2011, and I haven't settled on anything in particular yet.  How about you?  How did you do on last year's goals?  Do you have plans for this year?  On January 1st, I'll be cozied up by the fire creating my list :-) 

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jamberry_song said…
I've already got the jump on one challenge I set for myself for next year (it's a HUGE undertaking). Other goals are the usual: lose weight, be healthier, exercise more, finally finish my novel...

It's awesome that you, too, are a writer! I work full time, so I have to divide what little time I'm not at work between making jewelry, writing, and my fiance. It's rough! So I sympathize with you, there. What's your book about?

It's also fantastic that you've pretty much reached the goals you set for yourself this year. :) Hope next year is as successful for you!
Cyndi L said…
Thanks so much! I feel like I need to up the level of what I reach for so that not everything WILL be attained in the year. Maybe set a few goals for a five or ten year span? Not sure yet.

My book is about mixed media bead embroidery. The first chapter is free at the e-book link at the top of my blog :-) I'm thinking that I might have one chapter left to write before it's well and truly finished.
Paul Bishop said…
The only goal I seemed able to accomplish this year was to finish one of my debts. That took place over all else. Overall, there were a few shining spots (my trip to Slovakia), but I'm glad to see 2010 closing.

In terms of jewelry-making 2010 was a bust. I need to get my stuff to a market where it's appreciated. I undersold myself to get rid of debt, but I don't seem to have an audience for my work that is willing to pay what it's worth.

Goals for 2011 include - keeping my websites up to date, finding more "upscale" places/events to sell, developing a more comprehensive list of delivery options, figuring out away to take credit cards that doesn't require me to set a website and pay up for it (again), learn how to use social media for my jewelry instead of it using me, expand my designs to use Swarovski crystals.

Most of all: stop being afraid of making a design that fails, make myself have learning experiences, even if it's a bad one. I realized in 2010 that I rarely made anything that was a stretch because I was too cost-conscious (freeing up money was why I paid off my loan) and not willing to take risk and couldn't afford to take classes in anything I wanted.

I know I sound bitter, but for me, most of 2010 was.

Here's to a better life in 2011.
Lody said…
Great goals Cyndi! I'm working on my goals and will have to include my major 2010 goals too as I fell on the wagon.
My 4 major goals so far are:
- to (self) publish more counted thread embroidery patterns
- to lose weight (trying to do that every year... LOL)
- to get more embroidery teaching commitments
- and to finish all my BJP pieces as 2011 is my first year to join!
Cyndi L said…
Sigh. Some years are like that, Paul. I'm glad you had a few high points to help to even out the disappointments of 2010...although I look at getting out of debt as a major "atta boy". I hope it will free up your creativity like never before.

Lody, I know you are going to enjoy the Bead Journal Project! I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone does this year, and I'm so glad you joined us. Your publishing and teaching goals look great, but I've long ago given up on the weight loss goal each year lol!!