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Bead Journal Project: bracelet for December

My last bead embroidered bracelet for the year!  It's been a lot of fun making these each month for my contribution to the  Bead Journal Project, but I'm happy to be finished!  Next month I'm starting my 4th year with the project, and this year it's going to be beaded buttons or cabochons...I haven't exactly decided which yet, but either will use the same round button forms as a base.

If you'd like to see any of my other bracelets for the year, all previous pieces can be found at these links:


Here are the instructions for how I made these bracelets.

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Wildflowerhouse said…
I have gone back thru all 12 months of your cuffs and love them all. You are very creative and I thank you for sharing these with us.
Cyndi L said…
Thank you both very much! I'm happy with how this year went...the bracelet format was very inspiring to me :-)
Congratulations, Cyndi. They are all lovely.

As far as I could tell, very few bead artists who join the Bead Journal Project complete all 12 twelve. It's a huge commitment and quite an accomplishment.

And you've done it 3 years? Wow!
Cyndi L said…
I think more finish than is immediately apparent, Eileen! Not all of the participants post about it, and some finish part way through the next year. Since it's a project that is designed for each person's self-betterment, we don't want anyone unduly stressed over it. I just happen to be more compulsive than most, maybe ;-)
Wow! They are all amazing and gorgeous. I think I am going to go with something much smaller... and far more simple for my first year!
Cyndi L said…
I alternate, June :-) First and third year were more complex, second year was more simple and this year will be too.