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Shape up your business for the new year

You can hardly even surf the net anymore without running into comments, information, and articles about social networking. Well, the well-known sites like Twitter and Facebook are not all there is to social networking. It starts with many of the things that you've probably been doing all getting to know people through participating in forums, and interacting with others on blogs.

Dee Gordon wrote a piece about how important these social interactions are for the success of your own business. You can read her article on Home Jewelry Business Success Tips.

Here are some additional social networks helpful for jewelers:
Orchid Jewelry Forum

Ning Networks


During the first week or so of the new year, I'm going to post a list of many many more social network sites that you might want to check out.  No one expects you to follow all of'd have no time left for making stuff!  But it might be worth your marketing time to check out some of them :-)

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