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Beaded postcards - part two

A bead embroidered postcard, backed and finished

In Part One, I showed you how I go about preparing a fabric postcard (or other sized piece) for bead and thread embroidery.   Today I want to explain how to finish off your piece so that the edges and back are nice looking too!

Once you are finished with all your embroidery, both threads and beads, cut all layers of your piece down to the proper size, in this case 4x6 inches.  Cut a backing piece of fabric to size as can just see it peeking out from under the batting in the picture above. 

Using embroidery thread, probably 2 to 3 strands, stitch around the edges with blanket stitch.  You can add beads to some or all of the stitches if you wish. 

Here is another piece that I finished around the same time as the one above. 


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That's a nice way to add a personal touch to postcards! I'm seeing an art project in the works for me, would love to try this one out. Thanks for showing how!
It's beautiful, Cyndi. You couldn't actually mail it as a postcard, could you? Perhaps in a cushioned envelope ...
Cyndi L said…
Actually, you really could, but you'd need to get it hand stamped. It also might take more than standard postcard postage since it's thick.