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Seed beads from Auntie's Beads

Look at those seed beads!  I am particularly enamored of the gunmetal ones in the front of the picture, and I also really like the dark bronze ones.  The package with the mixed colors is called granite, and I'm looking forward to using those too.  The shape and size of these beads are very very regular, which is a big advantage if you wanted to use them for weaving as well as for embroidery.  You know me...I never met a bead I didn't like, but some are more universally useful than others, and I'm very pleased with the quality of these.  They are Miyuki's, so it shouldn't be a surprise. Thank you to Auntie's Beads for sending such a nice selection for me to work with. 

I use the larger size 8/0 beads pretty often, but turn to size 6/0 much less frequently.  However, I had the perfect project waiting to try out the lovely silver-lined gold beads in size 6/0.  My needle felted and embroidered leaf pin needed some accents, and these beads provided the finishing touch!

As regards FTC disclosure guidelines: I have received seed beads free of charge from Auntie's Beads in order to write a review and/or create a project free of charge for you.  I have not been paid for my endorsement as it pertains to the products received.
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flyingbeader said…
Ooooooo...nice grouping
Cyndi L said…
Aren't they purty? :-)
Your leaf pin in beautiful! As are Auntie's seeds beads. I haven't attempted bead embroidery yet, but I've been using the 6/0's a lot lately to make long "necklaces" to hold our new electronic key fobs.
Cyndi L said…
6/0s, e beads, and crow beads are all great to use as spacers! Thanks for the reminder, Jeanne :-)