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More social networks for jewelry sales and research

Now that we're all starting to get more familiar with social media sites like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and the rest, I thought I'd share a list with you of some specialized sites for those who are interested in fashion. Any of these sites can become a part of your marketing strategy if you're interested in selling your jewelry.  Some of them might be good for you to join and to network in...some are only really useful for researching trends. 

A couple of times each year, I like to "get out there" and see what's hot and where fashion is going. That doesn't mean that I always start making pieces to fit the trends - actually, I usually don't - but I still think it's a smart thing to keep on top of.

Why? Because you'll have a much tougher time selling pieces that are completely out of phase with the current looks. That doesn't mean that you can't, just that you'll have to work harder to find the niches where your style will fly. For example, if everyone is buying shoulder duster length earrings, and I'm still making small button styles, I'm going to have a tougher time finding potential clients. I may still choose to make them anyway, for many possible reasons, but it's good to know the lay of the land when you make your business decisions.

Now honestly, I haven't tried any of these listed below for actual marketing except for StyleHive, Kaboodle, and ThisNext.  I really spend most of my time in forums devoted to beading and jewelry education, and on Facebook and Twitter.  But I thought that those of you who are on more on the path of marketing yourselves and selling your wares might find this list handy. It's in alphabetical order, with no attempt to recommend one over the other. Anyone with experience with any of these is welcome to chime in below :-)

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I love "The Garden" at Lima beads sells fabulous beads and supplies, but also has it's own social network. I've made wonderful contacts throughout the US and around the world.
Cyndi L said…
Didn't know about that one...thanks Jeanne!
Bead Gypsies said…
Love your blog. We're in the process of launching a website, so will definitely check out your list. The couple other options that we've come across that seem interesting are Tumblr and Flickr. We'd love to hear what folks think about them.