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The Complete Photo Guide to Jewelry Making

The Complete Photo Guide to Jewelry Making: More than 700 Large Format Color Photos 

The Complete Photo Guide to Jewelry Making is my friend Tammy Powley's newest book!  Tammy has a long list of books to her name already, but all I could say when I received my copy of this monster was "How the heck did she find time to sleep last year?"  There are more than 700 photos in this 300 page book, and it (unbelievably) covers all major forms of jewelry making: stringing, wire, chain making, metal fabrication, soldering, metal clay, polymer clay, fiber, resin, and mixed media. 

Ok, a disclaimer here so that you will know that I am prejudiced, even though I really do think it's a great book.  Tammy asked me to do the projects and techniques for the polymer clay and the mixed media chapters.  So I can't be completely unbiased.  But anyway.

The format of the chapters is as follows: Each chapter begins with an overview of the materials and tools that you'll need, moves on to cover basic techniques (especially those needed for the projects which follow), and then ends with some step-by-step projects to give you a feel for that type of jewelry making.  I think this is an excellent beginner book, but beyond that it would be wonderful for anyone with some prior experience who wanted to move beyond what they're already doing and delve into some new materials.  In keeping with my belief in adding new materials or techniques each year, I plan to look more into the chain making chapter!

Congratulations to Tammy!  You've done it again :-)

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