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Creative Options for Jewelry Displays

A guest post by Heather Green

Whether you're selling your jewelry at a craft show or through an online vendor like Etsy, your presentation is key to drawing in customers and increasing your sales. Your displays should show off the personality of the jewelry, highlight its style, and show your customers the fabulous possibilities for how they can wear your creations. An ornate statement necklace might look beautiful laying on a table or a simple bust, but its possibilities for wear might not seem obvious, making it seem more like a beautiful piece of art than the funky fashion statement that makes an outfit. When you display your finished pieces for sale, put as much creativity into how they are presented as you do in creating them. Here are just a few ideas:


Show off your necklaces, earrings, and other jewelry items as the pieces of art they are. Find some funky or vintage frames in different colors, styles, and finishes, and hang or post your items in the middle. You can choose to hang necklaces in the open frame, or you can add a decorative backing and use it as a posting board for earrings or necklaces. Experiment with different colors and textures for both the frames and the backgrounds to best compliment the pieces you display.


These make great displays for necklaces and some bracelets. You can be creative in your style and choose a classic cascade of dowels, or you can choose something more eclectic with wire rods, branches, or sculpted clay. Hang it so that the necklaces fall at eye level. Not only will your display be sure to attract attention, but it will also help to create levels at your sales table, drawing the eye to different featured pieces.


Don't limit yourself to the simple black and white neck busts of department stores and craft fairs everywhere. Look in vintage stores and thrift shops for old art busts, and dress them up with your jewelry. These can be old Roman and Greek gods, small cherubs, or even woodland creatures. These make great displays for contrasting pieces that have some edge. (An antique necklace on an antique bust would just wash out...) You can also look for old department store mannequins and dress them up with a little flair. Add a pair of sunglasses, paint on some lipstick, or add a feather hat. Show off the attitude behind your jewelry, and create an interesting display piece that draws in customers.

Dress Forms

The springy surface of dress forms make them ideal for displaying pins and brooches. Cover your mannequin with a canvas of beautiful pins, and you'll create a visually stunning display that's also easy to transport (no need to take them all off at the end of the day!).

Found Objects

Display items for jewelry are limitless. Jewelry doesn't have to be carefully displayed around a nice bust or laid out neatly on a display tray. Try draping necklaces over shells or driftwood, layering bracelets in small drawers and ceramic dishes, or perching rings on the branches of a small tree or flowering plant.
Be as creative as you can with your displays, and always keep in mind the style you want to convey with your jewelry.

Bio: Born and raised in North Carolina, Heather Green has worked as a fashion and beauty consultant as well as freelancing for various wedding, fashion, and health publications. She currently acts as the resident blogger for Online Nursing Degrees where she’s been researching neonatal nursing programs as well as

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