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Wire artist: Leah Hitchcock

Artist: Leah Hitchcock
Website: Michon Design

About 10 years ago, when I started my jewelry business, I was an artsy single girl in my early 20s. I could stay up til 3 am crocheting 28g wire into a collar if I wanted to.

Fast forward to now, I'm in my 30s and am a wife and mother of a 3 year old boy and 1 year old girl, and work part time. While I still love designing and making jewelry, the only reason I'm up til 3 am these days is if one of the kids is sick! I'm taking a break from making jewelry to sell, and focusing on just making things for myself and to give as gifts. Since I rarely have more than 15 minutes or so to work (if that), my design focus is on making something that I love, quickly. I'll use pretty much anything to make jewelry these days - paper, shrink plastic, and ink, for example, in addition to wire, metal, and beads.

I recently transformed my old jewelry selling website into a general purpose blog, where I write about all my creative interests - currently, in addition to jewelry making with mixed media, I'm into cooking, paper crafts, and any kid-friendly projects that my 3 year old can work on.

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Wendy Van Camp said…
As always, you make beautiful jewelry, Leah. :) I enjoyed your interview with Cyndi.