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The Very Vintage fall blog hop challenge

This is my second time doing Michelle Mach's  blog hop challenge, and you seriously need to go visit her blog and subscribe so that you don't miss out on the next just never know what all is going to be in your package!

The last time, I made a fabric cuff bracelet, so this time I challenged myself to come up with something other than wearables.  Like a fabric book!  I had the perfect book sitting there decoration-less: it's an X-book that I made back in the early spring.  Instructions for constructing your own are at the link.  So what to do with it for this challenge?  Decorate the cover, of course!

Here's what came in the package:

And here's the fabric book:

See a little disconnect in the colors?  Not to worry.  I supplemented the challenge packet with some beads from Vintage Beads from Europe and now I think the colors work just fine.

You'll notice that I didn't manage to use all the beads from Michelle's package, but I hope that as I work my way through the fabric book, the rest will find a home.  If you'd like to have instructions for how to make the wired embellishments for your bead embroidery, they're found in Chapter 4 of my e-book, Found objects and unusual materials.

Please visit all the participants to see what wonderful projects they came up with!

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Kate Richbourg said…
The colors of your project really compliment your fabric choices. Great job!
Shirley said…
Why, you clever woman! I never even thought of an embellishment. I love that fabric book. I'll have to come back and read more on it. Off to see the rest of the participants now. :)
bwheather said…
I really like this. What a wonderful presentation for the front of the book. ;-)
Shel said…
What a great idea and wonderful use of so many of your kit components. This is smashing!!
VERY cool! It never occured to me to do something other than a wearable! I love this!!
TesoriTrovati said…
Clever! Great use of materials and something other than jewelry. Enjoy the day! Erin
BooBeads said…
What a great way to use those beads! Never would have thought of that!
salla said…
I love that you made something unconventional! Awesome.
Firefly Visions said…
I always forget that designs do not have to be jewelry. I love how you wired the components together and added the leaves from your stash. Great idea!
Cynthia said…
Thinking outside the box! Very cool. The book is so pretty, and I can't wait to see what you do to the rest of the pages!
Lutka And Co. said…
What a lovely idea! And it came out so nice!
Chris said…
This is gorgeous! It's so cool to see so many non-jewelry items this time around.
Unknown said…
What a unique idea! So dainty and girly, I feel like I should dress in pink and wear tiny cotton gloves to view it, like ladies from an earlier era. Vintage indeed!
Maneki said…
Very pretty! A lovely vine and I like that you've stitched it to something like that. A very creative project.
Lola said…
What a great idea! I love the way it turned out! I need to start thinking beyond the wearable . . .
laurelmoon said…
How cool! What a great interpretation of the elements. Wonderful!
Anonymous said…
It's really lovely. The addition of the pink really makes the piece compliment your book perfectly. So pretty, and unusual!!
Tracy said…
Very clever, and your beads perfectly compliment the fabric you chose for the book.
Mary said…
Very clever way to use the components, will have to come back and see what you do for the rest of the book
Michelle Mach said…
Trust you to do something totally different! What a clever idea to wire the components together and mix them with your own beads to make the color palette your own.

I love, love, love handmade books. Maybe we'll have to host a joint challenge on that theme someday. :)

Hope to see you in a future challenge!
Cozz said…
Owww boy this is awesome.. love the colours and the interaction with the fabric...
Wow Cyndi, I love how this turned out! I'm off to check out all the other links!
Cherie said…
Wow, what a great idea. It turned out so pretty, too.
I love the beads you chose for this, Cyndi. Very fall.