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Art Jewelry inspiration

 Poseidon's Embrace by Rebeca Mojica

My word!  Just when you get jaded and think you've seen everything that can be done with metal, plastic, resin, clay, and other alternative materials, along comes Art Jewelry Magazine to knock your socks off!  This amazing piece by Rebeca Mojica (above) is featured in the July 2011 issue, and you can also see it plus plenty more in the Magazine Gallery that is available online. 

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Sarah Sequins said…
This piece is one of my absolute favorites of Rebeca's. She's incredibly talented. :)
Blue Buddha said…
Aww, thanks guys. :-) Glad you like the piece.
Cyndi L said…
Rebeca, I think it is just AMAZING! It really stuck out of the pack when I visited the AJ site :-)