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TAST week 2 - blanket stitch

Here is my second Take a Stitch Tuesday entry.  This week is blanket stitch, which is also known as buttonhole stitch.  Since I usually refer to it as blanket stitch on Mixed Media Artist, that's the term I'll use here. The image above is the unadorned quilt top.  Each week (more or less!), I'll show you the little area that I add stitching to, but I'm not going to show you updates of the entire quilt top until it's finished.

Below is the blanket stitch sample I did.  The entire quilt is actually pieced together by hand with blanket stitch, as you can see in the photo, but that's not the sample part!  I added a couple of strands of fuzzy yarn using blanket stitch to couch them in place, and then I added a second row of blanket stitch below the first so that some of the arms would stick out.  I made the arms uneven lengths to make it a bit more interesting, since all of the piecing blanket stitch that I do during quilt construction is fairly even...or at least it's supposed to be!

TAST week 1 - fly stitch
TAST week 2 - blanket stitch

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Faith said…
This is a lovely quilt. I look forward to all the additions and the final reveal.
bluemuf said…
Looking good. I am enjoying seeing your stitches on this beautiful quilt top.

The buttonhole/blanket stitch is such a beautiful addition to your work. I'll be looking forward to seeing the final piece.
Anonymous said…
Buttonhole stitch adds beauty to your project.
Beautiful, interesting work and I look forward to the final reveal also.

Thearica said…
Your buttonhole stitch is great! The piece is going to be fantastic!

I want to invite you to enter a show that I am hosting on my blog beginning February 1. The name of the show is Crazy Quilts Are Quilts Too. Please come over and read about it and join in if you wish! You do not have to enter a competition piece to participate but there are some fabulous prizes for those who do enter the competition.
Raphaela said…
I like this piece very much, including the buttonhole stitching,.