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TAST week 4 - cretan stitch

I love this stitch!  It looks so good when you make it a bit uneven...or free form if you prefer that term.  Of course it looks good when it's done in even rows too, but for my my Take a Stitch Tuesday quilt, with its underwater theme, I thought a couple lines of free form cretan stitch would look great running up the middle.

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TAST week 4 - cretan stitch

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Shirley said…
That's a very cool stitch!
Maggi said…
Looks lovely, especially with the addition of the beads.
Gosh, that's beautiful! I really like the free form effect.
Anonymous said…
I love the way you have done ths stitch.
Kathleen said…
Your stitching is lovely and delicate. Kathy
Raphaela said…
Lovely stitching.
Susan said…
The delicate beads really augment the stitch. I may have to go back and add some to mine!
Cyndi L said…
Thank you guys! I am really enjoying this project :-)