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Online jewelry and beading education

There's so much to be said for classes...being able to see the technique demonstrated, being able to ask questions, mixing and mingling and meeting new people. It's all good.  Unfortunately, it's not always possible for everyone to go somewhere to take a class.

Fortunately, there is the internet!

There are two main categories of posts on Beading Arts that will lead you to lots of techniques, tips, tutorials, and fun new projects to try. There are also new resources that I'll be adding to these categories pretty regularly. There will be some overlap on these lists. Sorry, but it's unavoidable :-)

The Basics - Getting Started - online instruction to help take the place of basic classes

Tutorials & Techniques - all kinds of beading and jewelry how-tos

There are other class and tutorial resources all over the internet, and I've included quite a few of them below.  Note that not all of them are free. If you'd like to share a source that you think I've missed, please do!  I'd love to be able to have the most complete list of resource links for online learning anywhere!

E-courses by Tammy Powley
Free resources from the guide

Featuring tutorials by Eni Oken and friends

Interweave Store
Online store of projects

Bead Patterns
Especially helpful for seed bead patterns

An unbelievable database of jewelry making tutorials

Online classes by nationally known teachers

Polymer Clay Tutor
Videos and much more by Cindy Lietz

Jewelry Making Professor
Lots of helpful videos

Instructional sheets at Rings & Things

Bead and wire charts from SoftFlex

Beginner course from the Land of Odds

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Shirley said…
Cyndi, I learned a lot of my bead stitches from Aunties Beads with the KarlaKam. I could easily understand her instructions, and was quite successful in the ones I tried. Also, Heather Collin has the best video tutorial for explaining CRAW that I've seen yet. She did have it on the BeadMavens. Maybe she also has a link you could use for it. Thanks for this great list, I'm heading off to check out some of them now!
Cherie Burbach said…
Very helpful as always!
Great resources, Cyndi - not just today but the previous several posts as well.

I appreciate how difficult it is to pull something like this together AND keep it up to date. Thank you very much!
Cyndi, you always amaze me with the wealth of information you share! What great resources!
Cyndi L said…
Shirley, thanks for the additional resources! I'll check them out.