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Polymer clay artist: Shulamit Raanan

Artist: Shulamit Raanan 
Etsy shop: Shuli Designs
Facebook page: Shuli Designs

I live in Timrat, a small community in the lower Galilee, Israel, with my husband and three wonderful kids. I create in the fields of painting, ceramics, paper works and graphic design. In the last few years I am fascinated with Polymer clay's endless options of combine colors, shapes, designs and products, using mainly the Millefiori technique that combines various surface textures.

I am considered an addict.

I teach Art and Technology. I have a B.Ed. degree in Technology, Drama and Art and a Master's degree in Humanities.

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Unknown said…
Thank you so much Cyndi for the feature!:)
I am very excited!!!
Shulamit Raanan from ShuliDesigns
Cyndi L said…
I just love your beautiful designs!
Efrat Jewelry said…
Wow! Shulamit your beads are so gorgeous!! I like them very much!!!
Alma K. said…
Hi Shulamit, your beads have fantastic colors and shapes. I love them all.
Anonymous said…
Amazing work.The beads are colorful. Keep on with the great job.
Anonymous said…
Hi Shulamit,
Your beads are pure art and inspiring!
Love them all!
Ronit Shwartz