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Jelly roll polymer clay cabochons

Back when I reviewed Lori Wilkes's brilliant book, The Absolute Beginner's Guide Working with Polymer Clay (here's my review), she sent me images of my favorite project and challenged me to try making them.  Oh boy, have no idea just how rudimentary my skills really are!  Here is Lori's version (two-sided beads, turned into beautiful earrings):

Here is my version: flat, lack-luster slabs that are pretty darned pitiful.  And yet...

 The full-sized colored slab with the canes, uncut and unbaked

One baked piece, unglazed


And yet, you can tell what they are supposed to be!  I think if I tried it again, and especially if I actually followed the directions and used the right materials and tools, mine could turn out not completely horrible! 

I decided to make them one-sided, since I wanted cabochons for bead embroidery instead of earrings.  I also used Inktense acrylic ink pencils instead of alcohol inks, because that's what I've already got.  As you can see, I probably needed to cut the cane slices a LOT thinner in order to have the color show better.  In would also help to have a real cutter or two so that the shapes aren't so pathetic.  But I think my biggest mistake was in just leaving the slabs flat. 

Next time, instead of forming flat slabs, I will roll this sheet out thinner and use it as the topping for a domed cabochon, similar to the way I did in these Silver Leaf Polymer Clay Cabochons.

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Unknown said…
It's all a learning process, and the best part is the fun! That's why I keep coming back to pc, because it's just fun. Of course, I wish I could make things that turn out like her earrings! And what is around the edge of them? It kinda looks like cork....
Cyndi L said…
I think the edges are polymer too, if I remember correctly.
I do this all the time - try following someone's directions but substituting materials I have on hand. Sometimes it works; sometimes not. But it's all fun and I usually learn a lot.