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Update from polymer clay artist Jackie Ryan

 A shield shaped gold setting holds a large faceted Pink Amethyst, 
strung with pink and dark Amethyst

Artist: Jackie Ryan
Kydo Jewellery
Kydo Jewellery blog

Ocean Jasper, is strung with Amethyst and Pearls

Jackie Ryan has shared her beautiful work with us before during polymer clay month, and it still amazes me that her pieces even are clay!  Don't they look like precious metal?  Jackie writes that all of the settings are cutaway at the back except in the case of opaque stones, so the gems stones get light shining through them.  Very clever!

A large faceted Smokey Quartz, with baby blue Turquoise drops, 
strung with Smokey Quartz and the Turquoise drops. 

 Madagascar Dendritic Agate with Carnelian cabs, 
strung with Jasper and Carnelian. 

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